Our Production

TVC/AV Production

Apart from being a production house, K series also provides the services of TVC and AV PRODUCTION to their clients. The company comes out with the best and creative TVC and AV production. Basically, TVC is related to the techniques and skills that are to used to make a television program.

First of all, The process may include developing a script, creating a budget, hiring creative talent, designing a set, and rehearsing lines before filming takes place.  Then even after filming, in post-production, the process may include video editing and the addition of sound, music, and optical effects.

Print/Brand Shoot

BRAND SHOOT is all about promoting any brand with various methods may be an online method or offline method. Noways brand promotion is the topmost priority for any company. Thus, kseires has taken an involving turn in brand shooting and stood upon the expectation of their clients. Being one of the best shoot company in Jaipur the company has worked on various projections of the brand shoot. The creative team of the company always comes up with a new idea for promoting the brand. The work and result outcome makes kseires the most reliable company for clients.

Corporate Film

With the changing span of time movies and films have taken a huge turnover. Films and movie have changed their definition and today entered in the field of corporate film making. Basically, Corporate video and film making is related to any kind of non-advertisement video content that is created for a business, company, corporation, or organization. Today there is various kind of corporate films that are placed on an online platform and published on the website page of the company. Corporate films are the image builders of the company and thus plays a major role in the image building of the company in mind of people.

Artist Management

K series is the best production house company situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Apart from being a production house company and being a one-stop solution for its clients, Kseries also plays a vital role in providing artist management for its clients.

The company arranges artists for their clients as per the requirements and budget whether it is a party, event, video or song shoot. The company gives a scope of entertainment beat to their clients by providing them the artists according to their need. The company has worked and managed with the various well known and renowned artist of Bollywood industry and established a good and friendly relation with them. The company has proven to stand up on the expectation of their clients.


Event management is a fine art that requires skill and outstanding creativity.  K series came in the field of event management with an aim to provide admirable,  event planning with management services in Jaipur. The team of K-series is precisely dedicated to providing quality and satisfaction to there customers that can be related to the wedding or a corporate event. There is a means of full security that the events organized by the company will leave other positive ideologies in the mind of people.

Studio & Equipments

K-series is a  studio that is based on  Jaipur style and fulfills each and every single need that is related for shooting requirement. It is the house where both the light and sound come together in equal perfection. This studio is a mixture of both modern and traditional style and it is situated in pink city Jaipur, Rajasthan. The company is one of the best and advanced company in terms of the equipped studio of Rajasthan and provide each and every type of shooting equipment and accessories to their clients as per the requirements.

Production House

Kseries is an established Indian film Production and Distribution Company situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This company was established in 2008 by Sanjana Sharma. The k-series is one of the best production houses in Jaipur that holds a mainstream in the field of produces films, songs, music videos, TV commercials in Hindi and Regional languages. The company has successfully taken ahead of some appreciable projects in the field of music and video albums, TVC, Advertisement, Award show, Live concerts, Corporate Events etc. The company has done considerable work with their clients and still belives to stand up the expectation of their clients.