From making high-spending TVC, music video albums, Award show, Advertisement, Live concerts, Corporate Events etc to youth-arranged movies, from working with the greatest performers of the industry to propelling youthful ability in films, from being the conveyance house with the most grounded worldwide a dependable balance to spearheading new organizations of dispersion and investigating more up to date regions, from propelling convincing narrating structures to the various carefully drove advancements, K Series Production House has kept up its leader position over all verticals since its beginning.

K Series was established by the Sanjana Sharma, a veteran of the Rajasthan film industry, in 2008. It’s the main secretly held and completely incorporated studio in Rajasthan delivering and having created over different songs and movies. K Series is a strong production house located in Jaipur and a vertically coordinated studio in each sense, controlling relatively all aspects of the esteem anchor from generation to post production, international and domestic dispersion, home and music amusement, licensing, advertising, digital, Brand partnership, marketing, design, talent management, Film and music studios – all in-house offices, which make it a standout amongst the most pined for diversion combinations in the nation.

K Series has been one of the key producers of present day in Rajasthan and has proclaimed artistic patterns since its commencement – the way the make movies or videos, the way films are promoted and the way films are expended.

TV pre-deals in India are an imperative factor in upgrading income consistency for our business and are a piece of our broadening methodology to secure income perceivability and moderate risk of income age.

We have a broad and developing motion picture library involving over different videos or movies, including later and exemplary titles that traverse diverse classes, language and budgets, and have assembled a dynamic plan of action by joining the arrival of new movies consistently with the abuse of our film library.

The music album “phir mujhe dil se pukar tu” was a big hit and with its music, special effects and creativity we have showed that we can churn out international standards.